1970s Townhouse Office Bathroom

Custom Office Bathroom Achieved With Addition

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Portola Valley Before and After

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PROBLEMS: The original 1970s bathroom felt like an after-thought, “We’ve got space left over, what do we do with it?” New owners of the luxury townhouse realized that they needed a full bathroom that the husband could use when he worked long hours.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Borrowing space from an adjacent storage room allowed the addition of a full-size shower. The new bathroom had to reflect the husband’s personal taste, his preference for gray and black, and the sharp angles that appeal to him. He liked the idea of bringing roundness into the bathroom, in the form of the pedestal sink and the “moon” light fixtures that create a complete circle when reflected in the mirror. He also liked the lipstick-red accents, the same color as one of his favorite cars.

TESTIMONIAL: Diane and I spent two weeks shopping for all of the products for our new home before I went back to Germany. She made it possible to work with my husband and me over long distance. Her communication skills and attention to all of the details helped us achieve the unique transformation we wanted in every room of our new home. She worked with the contractor to make everything ready for us, with no problems.

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