1950s Retro Revival Bathroom

New “Retro” Bathroom In 1950s Portland Home

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Portland Main Floor Lavatory Bathroom Before and After

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The 1950s retro revival bathroom looks very similar to the original bathroom. But there’s a world of difference, more than just appearance!  PROBLEMS: The bathroom was drafty and cold. The steel tub was getting rusty, and the shower walls were leaking. There was an unsafe glass panel at the end of the tub, not tempered. Original cabinets didn’t have good storage. The lighting and ventilation needed improvement.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: The remodeled bathroom has a new tub with new “vintage” tile surround, complemented by a custom contrasting maroon design. There’s a tempered glass panel at the end of the tub. New custom cabinets have two pull-out pantries for great storage. There’s radiant heating under the new floor tile, and a powerful but quiet exhaust fan. Although the bathroom is new, its 1950s “Art Deco” charm has been preserved, and the color scheme has been retained.

TESTIMONIAL: Diane Plesset designed a new bathroom and laundry area, as well as a complete remodel of an existing bathroom, for us. Prior to these, we did not have any experience with construction/remodel projects. It was terrific working with Diane, who helped us with every facet of the construction process, and who had great design ideas that we continue to benefit from and enjoy every day. Thanks in large part to Diane, our bathrooms and laundry area are beautiful as well as functional and contemporary, and have been designed with aging in place principles so that we can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

Diane is extremely knowledgeable about construction and design, and she helped us to choose everything from tiles to fixtures to appliances, and to work with a variety of vendors to get the best prices possible. She helped us to figure out what we wanted and what was realistic within our budget. Then she helped to turn our choices into reality. She provided our contractors with to-scale blueprints that we had approved, so that every design detail was accounted for and the contractors had a roadmap of exactly what needed to be done. Diane collaborated with us, respected our decisions, and helped us navigate the construction process so that it went as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to Diane, our projects were on time and on budget. Her fees were very reasonable for the high level of professional design and advice she provided. We recommend her unconditionally.

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