Do you feel motivated to remodel (or build) your home – but find it difficult to make decisions about what to do, who to hire, how much to invest?

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Diane Plesset, CMKBD, C.A.P.S., NCIDQ author of Today's Home Mindful Building-Remodeling Newsletter

Diane Plesset, CMKBD, C.A.P.S., NCIDQ


As a certified professional award-winning designer for the last 33 years, and also a speaker, radio show host, and award-winning author, I know the real challenge you face is making good decisions about your home and your investment. Successful building and remodeling requires more than looking at pretty pictures online and in magazines. I’ve created the Today’s Home Mindful Building-Remodeling Newsletter”  to help answer all of your questions, and give you honest information in a fun, easy way so that you can get past your anxiety and fear to make decisions that will positively affect how you feel in your home. I will reassure you and give you all the information you need to know, as you move forward making mindful decisions that feel good now, learning to trust your instincts and judgment.

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“Today’s Home Mindful Building-Remodeling Newsletter” is designed to help you live your dreams of building or remodeling. Make the best decisions for you. Stop doubting and fretting over decisions. Trust your own instincts, even when you’ get conflicting information from friends and relatives. Experience the peace of mind of living in a home that truly expresses your uniqueness.



 I’m available to you, to answer your questions in the Homeowner Forum that’s on my website. You can post questions about anything that relates to your home. I’ll answer your question within 48 hours (please allow time for me to research the best answer for you!) I’ve been a volunteer on All Experts since 2011. I don’t give just “pat” answers (you know, a pat on the head that means “just go away and don’t bother me”). I’ve thoroughly researched my answers, because I believe there’s no such thing as a bad question — only bad answers! I’ve even taken time to prepare plans and perspectives for people who sent me sketches with dimensions!

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Excerpts from “THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling”

  • Homeowner Surveys
    • Architectural Style
    • Kitchen
    • Master Bathroom
    • Guest Bathroom
  • “Good-Better-Best” Budget
  • Building-remodeling Timeline
  • Permits and Plans
  • Etiquette
  • Short Story: One Family’s Experience

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