Technology Has Changed SO Much In 31 Years

How technology has changed over the years.

Technology was SO Different 31 years ago! D. P. Design was established in 1984.  Everything was different! Design professionals who were on the leading edge of  technology had traded in their drafting table, vellum, pencils, electric erasers and overlay tissues for computers and CAD software. But it was still old-fashioned drafting using lines.

Technology for Design

Technology has advanced to the point where we can “build” and display any 3-dimensional object, and we can show realistic renderings that look like photographs. We’re not limited to long hours of  drafting to prepare revisions; time saved is great for the design professional, being able to work on multiple projects at the same time, and meet deadlines easier.  Homeowners save money on professional fees, and have the advantage of (almost) immediate gratification with plan revisions. The only limitations are our imagination, the builders’ talents, and the homeowners’ budget.

Technology for Consumers

Cell phones were in existence 31 years ago, but they were large and limited. To take pictures, you had to use a camera — with film! To get information, you had to go to the library, not sit in front of a computer to surf the web. Watching TV was limited to major stations, and your choice was limited. The list goes on. You get the gist — technology races forward.

Technology for Residential Remodeling

Technology has changed toilets!

Technology has changed toilets!

Every product used in residential and commercial buildings has been improved, and is continuing to be improved. A toilet is no longer limited to just one function. It doesn’t have to have an ugly tank, and it doesn’t have to sit on the floor, catching dust and “stuff” at its base.  It has a heated seat; it can wash and dry you after you use it. There’s also a toilet that can welcome you into the bathroom and lower the seat when you leave. Imagine, no more arguments about the toilet seat being left up!

The only alternative to incandescent lighting 30 years ago was fluorescent lamps. It was very limited in every way: size, shape, color temperature (“warm” and “cool”). That technology was improved as manufacturers got on board and realized that they could make a ton of money if they tweaked and changed the lamps to fit consumers’ needs. Good-bye incandescents! Now we have dimmable, energy-efficient LED lamps and lighting, that will replace fluorescent lamps in a few years. Who knows what will develop in the next five years, or less?

The Advantages of Technology

Using latest technology makes communication easier and faster. It makes keeping track of your remodeling investment and schedule accurate and convenient. Virtual meetings can be anywhere, at any time of the day. 30 years ago, people were just talking about all of these “possibilities” that we use daily. It’s challenging to keep up with technology, because changes happen so quickly. We can’t know everything about everything. We need to know where to go, and the expert to contact, to communicate effectively with each other.

The Future of Technology

Frank Lloyd would be using the latest technology!

Frank Lloyd would be using the latest technology!

The genius architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, lived to be 90 years old. He was more productive and more successful in the last 30 years of his life than he was in the first 60 years. He was ahead of technology, and fearless about using newly-developed products and procedures. His legacy is still an inspiration for design professionals worldwide. If he was alive today, I believe that he would be embracing the technology, and even developing new ways of using it! Where will we be in 30 years? It’s exciting to think about the possibilities! There will be more blog posts, articles, whitepapers, and free downloads relating to remodeling (and building) technology. As I used to say on my internet radio program, “Stay tuned!”.

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