Seeing The Possibilities, A Journey of Discovery

Serenity in a Japanese Temple

Asakusa Temple, a Haven of Serenity in the middle of Tokyo

Serenity was discovered in the middle of Tokyo, one of the world’s most populous cities.  In the middle of busy schedules being met and the noise of everyday life, we found a haven of serenity in the Asakusa Temple.  It was an opportunity to go inside and explore a beautiful, peaceful garden during our vacation.  The photos we took that day serve as a daily reminder that it is possible to find peace within, even when we’re surrounded by chaos.  I look at this picture, then close my eyes and feel the warmth of pure connectedness with the universal spirit. We took hundreds of photos while in Japan, but this particular photo has always been my favorite.

This photo helped me maintain composure when I was taking the two-day National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination.  Although I’d studied and practiced, my test anxiety had gotten in the way the first time I attempted to take the test.  My new approach was to find inner peace, and acknowledge that I was ready and able to pass the test.  In addition to continuing the program of studying and taking practice tests, I also meditated, using this photo as a tool, while listening to Japanese flute music.   My husband suggested recording the music, which I was allowed to listen to during the  practicum (drafting) section of the test.  In preparation for the drafting section, I arranged all my drafting tools, and placed the photo at the upper left-hand corner of the drafting table, and turned on the music.  With these tools, I conquered test anxiety, and got a very high score on the practicum section.

Serenity Is Possible

It is possible to find serenity in today’s world, even during a home remodeling project.  It doesn’t require a lot of effort, or a lot of time.  I’m discovering that we can’t find serenity by looking for it.  We have to be willing to leave the hustle and bustle, go inside to explore, and let serenity find us.

Overcommitted,  overwhelmed,
Inundated in daily life
Responsibilities, appointments, deadlines.

A past filled with negative input
A life of doubt, fear, resentment.

I stepped inside the wall,
Leaving behind chaos to find contentment.

Peace replaced pessimism,
Refreshed spirit, open to possibilities.

The journey was short,
The transformation began with one breath,
Awareness of the beauty within.

Inside, Hope and Serenity were always there,
Patiently waiting for me.

 “See the Possibilities. Create a Positive Difference.”

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