New Retro Modern Art Deco Home Construction

Beginning to Completion: A Great Pictorial Journey

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Award for Best New Home, built in Oregon CityInspiration for this home was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes, designed from the late 1920s until his death in 1959, complemented by repeated Art Deco ziggurat “steps” inside and out. The Homeowners became involved with Mr. Wright’s Gordon House, now located in Silverton, Oregon, which is a 35-minute drive on Highway 213 from their dream home in Oregon City. This slideshow includes a selection of pictures from over 2000 shots taken during the construction, which started in December and was ready for move-in 20 months later. This home has many unique features that qualified it to win the Home Builders’ Association “Best of the Best Award, including:

  • The exterior walls are insulating concrete forms (ICF), which are more energy efficient and stronger than standard wood framing.
  • The home has a flat roof with a four-foot stepped eave overhang.
  • Hydronic radiant heating keeps the home comfortable without any drafts (unlike forced-air heating).
  • It was designed for accessibility with wide hallways, custom stairs with short risers and deep treads; there’s space dedicated for a future elevator.
  • Sustainability was a major consideration with all of the materials selected, including Milgard “Ultra” fiberglass doors and windows, cork flooring, LED lighting, and low-VOC paint.