Sometimes we hear something that speaks to us and for us. Read on to discover what happened to help me create my “Values Manifesto.”

Did you see the Grammy Awards on Sunday? I turned it on because I’m a raving fan of Jon Batiste. He was nominated for multiple awards and ultimately won 5 Grammys. His acceptance speech for Album of the Year (“We Are”) choked me up. Here’s what he said, “I believe this to my core: There is no best musician, best artist, best dancer, best actor. Music is more than entertainment for me, it’s a spiritual practice.” He ended with, “Let’s just keep going.” “Be you.”

Definition: Manifesto

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Manifesto as a written statement publicly declaring its issuer’s intentions, motives, or views.

Values Manifesto - Not the bestValue Manifesto: No Best

Doing my best always in all ways, but I never call myself the best.


Values Manifesto - SpiritualityValue Manifesto: Spiritual Practice

What I do every day goes beyond a job or even a career. Helping people achieve their goals is uplifting and inspirational.

Values Manifesto - Keep goingValue Manifesto: Keep Going

Challenges, obstacles, and problems are opportunities to think about where we are and want to be. Of course, we may have to pause or stop to be mindful. But the hesitation lasts only long enough for us to change our course or decide to stay on the same path.

In my 37-year career, I’ve had many challenges, obstacles, and problems. But loving what I do so much, giving up is never a viable option. I’ve made many mistakes along the path and felt like a failure. In reality, though, feeling like a failure – or “less than” is a negative narrative in my mind. It happens when I compare myself to others or believe someone who compares me to others.

Values Manifesto - Be YouValue Manifesto: Be You

Some people find their voice early in life. It’s taken me a lifetime to discover who I am. Here’s what I’ve learned: Don’t say or do things just to please other people. Instead, spend quality time discovering what matters to you – your values. Stay true to your values. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it or say it.

Recently, I read Mark Schaefer’s book “The Third Rebellion.” It’s an excellent argument for everyone — especially businesses — to be more human, compassionate, and empathetic. Technology should be a tool, not the end-all, be-all that it’s become.

While reading the book, I realized why I’d resisted expert marketing advice for years. “Experts” say I must develop a list and send emails to that list at least once a week. The messages are often called a “Nurturing sequence.” They’re also referred to as a “Sales funnel.”

I don’t like being on someone’s mailing list and receiving frequent messages. They may seem interesting, but I know the ultimate goal of the sender is to sell me something. It’s manipulation. Mr. Schaefer cites statistics about how unpopular frequent emails are for the recipients.

Why should I create and send manipulative messages frequently? Why should I follow the advice when it doesn’t align with my values?

So I decided not to send “sequence” or “funnel” messages to anyone. Instead, I am developing a page on my website that’s a newsletter. It may be a synopsis of recent blogs or a subject inspired by articles, comments, and questions. It will be short, 300-600 words maximum.

Values Manifesto: Synopsis

I intend to honor Jon Batiste’s words and Mark Schaefer’s advice:

1) I will continue to be the best and provide the best service, but I’ll resist calling myself the best.

2) I will continue my spiritual practice: Provide Homeowners with the best information about kitchen and bathroom remodeling and home additions. Offer the best services humanly possible.

3) I will be faithful to my values of listening intently, understanding empathetically, and responding compassionately.

4) I will respect everyone but reserve the right to disclaim anyone whose actions are not respectful of all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

I want to hear and read your comments, and I want to engage in open communication — whether it’s about this post or your remodeling project. Comment below, or contact me at