LED Lighting $aves Our Environment While $aving You Money!LEDs save our environment, provide great lighting, and save you money!

LED lighting technology was in its infancy ten years ago. My, how we’ve come a long way — and the future looks even brighter!

In 2005, LED lighting was available, but there were limitations:

  • Not dimmable
  • Color was a cool blue-white

  • Replacement bulbs (lamps) for many fixtures did not exist
  • Strip and rope lighting was available, but it was very expensive ($40 per foot!)

To create the indirect lighting for the entry hall and hallway, dining room, and kitchen in our new home in 2006, my husband had to buy 3,000 individual LEDs and wire them together on “perf” board. Then he connected the finished Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) strips to a dimmable transformer, and plugged the transformer into a switched outlet that had been installed in the coffers. It was a lot of work for him, but it saved us thousands of dollars. We got the results we wanted, and lit all of those areas with only 100 watts of power, which was reflected in our lowered electric bill. To achieve similar results in 2016, any Homeowner can purchase ready-made dimmable LED strip lighting for a multitude of purposes:

  • Indirect lighting in trayed/coffered ceilings or on crown molding
  • Task and accent lighting under wall cabinets and countertop overhangs in kitchens
  • Accent display lighting in unlimited applications
  • Safety night lighting in bathroom toekicks and stair edges
  • Increased-visibility lighting in pantries and closets

In addition to LED strip lighting, there’s a wide selection of bulbs available, toreplace discontinued incandescent and outdated CFL bulbs. The colors, brightness, and the dimmability have been improved, to enhance all interior environments. The best news for all of us, though, is that the price of LED lighting has dropped like a rock as the technology has improved and the market has become more competitive. Early incandescent lamp replacements were as high as $50 each. In 2015, we can purchase better LED replacement lamps for as low as $10 each! Here is a chart from Earth Easy that graphically shows how cost-efficient LED lighting is:

LED Lighting Comparison Chart

Keep in mind that it’s very expensive to dim CFLs and standard fluorescent lamps! It’s not expensive to dim LED lighting!

There is more technical information available at http://www.wcsen.org/Workshops/EnergizeYourClassroomWithSTEM/USBMemory/Energy%20Efficient%20Lighting%20Information/LED_Incandescent_CFL_Bulb_Comparison.pdf

Armed with all of this information, I hope that you’re inspired to switch (pun intended!) your existing lighting to LEDs. See before and after pictures and a description of the featured kitchen project that successfully used LED lighting.

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