Welcome! The intent for this page is to show you — it doesn’t matter which blocker is keeping you from remodeling your kitchen — how to create your own plan in easy, logical steps.

1. Take measurements of your kitchen. There’s a helpful video to show you how.

2. Prepare the as-built kitchen plan based on your measurements. This is the foundation for everything you’ll be doing next. NOTE: All plans and elevation drawings should be in 1/2″ scale, i.e., 1/2″ = 1′-0″.

3. Select the products you want to use; it’s important to know the overall dimensions of the products so everything can be to scale.

4. Prepare the proposed kitchen plan(s) based on the as-built plan. You may have more than one idea, or there may be one plan that’s better than others.

5. Create elevation drawings using the proposed plan.

TOOLS YOU’LL NEED (if drawing by hand):

An architect’s scale ruler

A pencil or lead holder with HB lead (anything softer will smudge)

A soft white vinyl eraser

Erasing guide

Plain paper — not grid paper

Tape or “dots” to hold your paper in position

TOOLS YOU’LL NEED (if using a CAD program*)

A computer with sufficient memory

A printer

CAD Software*

Proposed Sample Kitchen Plan