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Homeowners get confused and overwhelmed with too many choices! Do you want to avoid these feelings?

The good news is that you have my proven system to guide you!

You don’t have to go shopping, wasting your time in showrooms or looking online for products. You can get a FREE copy of the updated Homeowner Kitchen Survey that’s an excerpt from my award-winning book, THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling.

Why am I offering this to you?

Because I care about helping you:

  • Make informed decisions about all the products that you’ll need and want in your new kitchen.
  • Save time by prioritizing what features are most important.
  • Save money when you do go shopping because you know what you want.

The Kitchen Survey will help you when you’re talking with contractors and design professionals. You can easily make copies of the Survey for them to draw plans and prepare estimates for you. It can streamline the design process, which may save you money on design fees. Designers and contractors love to work with homeowners who know what they want!

I have an additional bonus for you when you request the Kitchen Survey! You’ll receive my newsletter which is filled with information about kitchen remodeling, based on my 36 years of experience as a professional kitchen designer. I’ll share success stories and offer advice about how to avoid challenges before and during your kitchen remodeling.

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My newsletter will help you overcome your negative feelings AND help you prepare for a better future.

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  • You’ll have me on your side to answer all your questions and help you get ready to remodel your home when you’re ready.

When you sign up, you’ll receive my e-book, “Homeowner Kitchen Survey. It’s 15 pages, a value of $25, but it’s my FREE GIFT to you because I care about helping you.

Kitchen Perspective for Clients

Virtual-reality perspective of new kitchen for David and Linda P.

“Diane is a phenomenal listener and takes ALL of your thoughts and concerns to heart, to make you comfortable and ready to move forward . . .  She truly makes the experience all about you. You will have confidence in every decision moving forward on your remodel project thanks to her expertise and guidance.”

David and Linda P. – Plans for Kitchen and Master Bathroom remodel


The other side of fear



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