Building and Remodeling Consultation

How do we help you now? Here’s how it will work for you — see the list of services and fees below. Your unique needs and challenges are important to me.  I offer my talents, learned skills, and years of experience to help you on a limited, first-call/first serve basis.

design and consulting 3 Step System helps achieve homeowners' remodeling goals“Diane was a pleasure to work with. She listened carefully to all our ideas and came up with a dynamic kitchen and dining room design that fit my needs completely! She never lost her cool even when I called her at the last minute and said I needed an under counter microwave on the bar. She simply said, “Let’s see what I can do” and she increased the size and shape of our smoothie bar to make it work! Her total design was beautiful and when friends walk into my house the first time, they usually stop, look and exclaim ‘Wow!'” [David and Mary H. – Sweet Home]

NOTE: This picture is part of a total design for a large addition.  Individualized creative solutions for your building or remodeling challenges are limited!  They’re just a phone call or an email away! Call me at 503-632-8801 or send an email to

Most designers will give you one or two plans for a fee, but will want more money for more complete plans. Are you confident that they’ll address your problems? Are you nervous that what you want won’t be included in the plans without a sufficient reason? This is why I’ve decided to solve one problem that includes:

  • A written report about what you want and why it is or isn’t possible.
  • Links to products that are compatible with your project.

It’s easy to get my help! Here’s what you do:

1. Call me or send an email about a particular challenge.

  • Our phone call or virtual meeting will be scheduled in advance.
  • Your credit card or your PayPal account will pay on an hourly basis (minimum one hour, $135.00).
  • If our phone call or virtual meeting goes beyond one hour, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged in 10-minute increments.


2. Here’s how to get on the calendar using our scheduling program:


      My Guarantees:

      I work with you, and may prepare limited detailed plans, sections, or perspectives that reflect what you want. I may recommend specific products and will send links in an email to you. No “upselling,” no change orders (unless you request additional services). I help you select the right products for your home, your needs, and your budget; I DO NOT sell products, ever. I do not pay or receive referral fees or any other kickbacks.

      Your satisfaction with honest communication, information, compassion, and creativity is my #1 goal. That’s why I developed this system.

      UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If I don’t give you a valid reason* for a recommendation, you will receive a free consultation for each oversight. 

      *What is a valid reason? It has to relate to you and your project. It has to be honest.  It has to be based on actual knowledge, training, and experience.

      *What isn’t a valid reason: “This is the way it’s always done.”

      Your project (and everything that relates to it) is all about you: Your unique budget, goals, lifestyle, and needs. I’m not satisfied until you’re satisfied!


      Watch this video to learn about how I design a kitchen

      Vancouver kitchen successfully achieved with our process.

      Successful Vancouver kitchen remodel achieved with our Design and Consulting (before April 2023)