Our Creative Design Process And Services

Listen. Inform. Create. Delight.

Here’s an outline of our creative design process, but it’s not just a list of tasks. It’s a promise to do everything humanly possible to make the process enjoyable and successful for you. This is critical now when the Covid-19 pandemic affects everything we do. If we come to your home, we wear a mask and surgical gloves and maintain the required 6′ separation. We can easily design your kitchen or bathroom and have “virtual” meetings. Your safety and security are important to me! You’ll have my talents, learned skills, and years of experience to help you achieve your home remodeling goals for now and for years into the future.


New Services!

Yes, virtual meetings and design services! If you’re comfortable with in-person meetings, I promise always to wear an N-95 mask and surgical gloves recommended by the CDC. Your family’s safety and comfort are my #1 goal, always. Certainly, the pandemic is the biggest challenge the U.S. has faced in over 100 years, but we can creatively deal with this challenge.

Using Zoom, you can see virtual-reality perspectives of your remodeled home and give valuable feedback to achieve your goals. Using the best and most sophisticated computer-aided-drafting software allows me to send you copies of plans and details by email.

See examples of virtual-reality perspectives in the “Before and VR” section of my portfolio.  Then call me to chat about how we can achieve your remodeling dreams together.

First Meeting (typical, before the pandemic):

  • No charge, unless you want specific consultation.
  • It lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Tour your home (inside and out).
  • Talk about your remodeling goals, priorities, budget, and your target completion date.


  • Detailed proposal, including:
    • A recap of the first meeting.
    • Your target budget.
    • Your target completion date.
    • A list of all professional services offered to you.
    • Maximum fee and payment information.

Creative Design Process

  • Take “as-built” measurements (accurate up to 1/16th inch) and reference photographs.
  • Prepare as-built and proposed plans that include:
    • Interior elevations of all walls and features in the project.
    • Renderings and perspectives to help you to visualize results.
  • Meet with you at your convenience (evenings, weekends, at your home, my office, or at showrooms); virtual meetings are a great tool.
  • Meet with contractors and suppliers.
  • Recommend trusted contractors, products, and suppliers.
  • Communicate with you, your contractors, and suppliers either in person, emails, and/or phone calls (7 am-9 pm, 7 days a week).
  • Prepare detailed final plans.
  • Coordinate construction with you, your contractor, trade contractors, and suppliers.

Design Services:

Kitchens Bathrooms Additions New homes
Accessibility (aka Universal Design) Lighting
Sustainability Basements Decks
Outdoor kitchens Furniture arrangement
Virtual design and meetings



Important differences between D. P. Design and other designers:

Other designers: Want you to “sign on the dotted line” at the first meeting. They’ll give you one or two plans for a fee but want more money for more complete plans.

D. P. Design: You can read the detailed proposal at your leisure. No pressure, ever! Ask questions and give feedback! I provide unlimited preliminary plans and detailed final plans and specifications, included in my fee. No change orders, unless you request additional design services. No surprises!

Other designers: Want you to buy the products from them that they recommend. Be wary of “upselling.” Their income may be augmented by referral fees and they may be involved with affiliate marketing.

D. P. Design: You make informed decisions about every product for your remodeling project based on honest, transparent reasons for every recommendation related to your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. I DO NOT sell products, ever. I do not pay or receive referral fees or affiliate fees. See the blog that answers five frequently asked questions about designers’ fees, and gives you two examples of my professional fee.

Your satisfaction with D. P. Design’s communication, information, and creativity is our #1 goal. It’s all about you: Your unique budget, goals, and lifestyle.


We’ll help you see the Possibilities.

We’ll create a Positive Difference for your home and life.


Testimonial: Diane collaborated with us, respected our decisions, and helped us navigate the construction process so that it went as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to Diane, our projects were on time and on budget. Her fees were very reasonable for the high level of professional design and advice she provided. We recommend her unconditionally. (Noah G. and Terre H. – New basement bathroom and laundry room; Remodel the main bathroom)


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