Custom Kitchen Features Can (Will) Make a Big Difference!Custom kitchen features satisfy your needs and wants.

Bespoke and artisanal are fancy buzz-words for “custom,” probably because the latter word has been overused to the point where custom-made anything is no longer special, in the same way that “full service” doesn’t have the same impact it once had. In past years, the only way to get custom kitchen features was to pay for custom cabinets. But things have changed, and many modular and custom-modular cabinet manufacturers offer customizable features for a reasonable investment. Some of the cabinet enhancements include:

  • Non-standard base cabinet heights that are more ergonomic
  • Storage accessories that make easier access to cabinet contents
  • Rollout shelves
  • Corner lazy susan units
  • Recycling and waste receptacles
  • Drawer-within-a-drawer for utensils
  • Pantries for base, tall, and wall cabinets
  • Tray dividers
  • Drawer dish storage
  • Wine racks
  • Appliance garages
  • Many, many more!
  • A multitude of crown moulding styles, and other trim for function and appearance
  • A wide variety of door and drawer styles
  • Woods from all over the world, including Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber grown in special plantations
  • Special finishes that can be mixed and matched
  • Solid-color paints
  • Translucent stains and glazes

There are custom kitchen features made to fit a particular area that must be handcrafted, including:

  • Built-in seating (aka “banquette”)
  • Special display
  • Unique soffits
  • Customized storage

The 1970s remodeled kitchen shown in today’s tip did have custom cabinets. It had many of the enhancements listed above, and the following custom features:

  • Appliance garage with carved doors
  • Multiple-height cabinets
  • A triangular island
  • Pull-out base spice racks on both sides of the cooktop that looked like drawers
  • Built-in banquette
  • Built-in table attached to the back of the peninsula
  • Built-in phone niche (the phone is accessible, and the calendar is available behind bifold doors)
  • Carved valance above the window
  • Dog food bins that slide into a recess in the adjacent garage (each bin holds 50 pounds of dry dog food)

All of the custom kitchen features that were included in this kitchen improved the function of the space, and increased the owners’ enjoyment of their home. You can have as many “bespoke” or “artisanal” kitchen features as you want. At this time in history, we are fortunate to have so many options to make our lives easier, more healthy, and more beautiful than we could have imagined 33 years ago. A trained Kitchen Designer can help you with the most accessible, functional, safe, and beautiful kitchen, like the one featured; see before-after pictures and descriptions.

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