Technology: 31 Years Of Change

Technology Has Changed SO Much In 31 Years

Technology of Cell Phones

How cell phone technology has changed in 31 years.

Technology was SO Different 31 years ago! D. P. Design was established in 1984.  Everything was different! Design professionals who were on the leading edge of  technology had traded in their drafting table, vellum, pencils, electric erasers and overlay tissues for computers and CAD software. But it was still old-fashioned drafting using lines.

Technology for Design

Technology has advanced to the point where we can “build” and display any 3-dimensional object, and we can show realistic renderings that look like photographs. We’re not limited to long hours of  drafting to prepare revisions; time saved is great for the design professional, being able to work on multiple projects at the same time, and meet deadlines easier.  Homeowners save money on professional fees, and have the advantage of (almost) immediate gratification with plan revisions. The only limitations are our imagination, the builders’ talents, and the homeowners’ budget.

Technology for Consumers