Remodeling Horror Story Not Just For Halloween

Remodeling Horror Story: Trick Or Treat?

Remodeling horror story isn't just for Halloween!

The title of this blog is seasonal, but unfortunately, a “Trick or Treat” remodeling horror story happens year ’round. It’s not limited to one type of remodeling project. Here  is a  remodeling “horror” story list, bad experiences that were avoidable:

  • A D-I-Y basement renovation that got out of hand.
  • A master bathroom project that was totally bungled by a designer who acted as the general contractor.
  • A D-I-Y master bedroom expansion into an adjoining bedroom; taking out a bearing wall is a NO-NO!
  • A bad deck replacement done by an unlicensed contractor that left the Homeowners with no legal recourse.
  • A new home that had all of the hot and cold lines swapped by the plumber.
  • A D-I-Y floor refinishing project that ended up with the floor being replaced after the sanding drum was installed backwards, chewing up the floor.
  • Homeowners who had purchased appliances ten years before the actual remodeling, and ended up donating the appliances because they wouldn’t fit in the new kitchen.


Remodeling Reality Shows Can Be Misleading!

Have Remodeling Reality Shows Got You Frustrated Or Angry?

Remodeling reality shows can be misleading

Remodeling reality shows can be fun, inspiring — and frustrating!


Misinformation Is Rampant!

Remodeling reality shows are still popular, despite the bad press they’ve received.  I don’t know about how you feel, but it frustrates the heck out of me, because these programs spread misinformation to Homeowners. There’s a glut of home remodeling shows on several channels. Although they are fun to watch, they should be viewed as entertainment and not as serious “How-To” guidelines. There are several categories of misinformation that get my blood boiling:

•  The time it takes to do a project
•  Overall cost of the project — what consumers would pay for something similar
•  Realistic cost of labor and materials — how much the Homeowners actually paid
•  You’ll save a lot of money if you do the work yourself!

The Time It Takes To Do A Project

The audience has no way of knowing how much of  the actual filmed project ended up on the editing room floor. This can cause serious problems for D-I-Yers and remodeling consumers who think that a bathroom can be remodeled in a week or less. A standard 5×8 bathroom remodeling project can take four to six weeks (or more), from demolition to completion. And the time frame they tell you doesn’t include the time required to make decisions or get permits before construction starts!


D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling Success IS Possible!

D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling Success: Know What You Can Do and Cannot Do

D-I-Y kitchen remodeling success requires skill and patience

                                                           D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling required skill and patience.

D-I-Y kitchen remodeling was the last thing that Naomi wanted, but Michael was confident that he could be the general contractor. Like a lot of homeowners, they had been thinking about remodeling ever since they bought the home. Everything about the existing kitchen was dated: white laminate cabinets with continuous oak pulls, white laminate countertops, a dropped ceiling with fluorescent lighting. (more…)

Building and Remodeling Changes Since 2008

Building-Remodeling Changes: Santa Claus or Grinch?

Building-remodeling changes began like Grinch in 2008

“How the Grinch Stole . . . Everything!

History Before 2008:

Building-remodeling professionals were busy, with seasonal ups and downs. Homeowners called design and construction professionals to renovate their home, or build a new home. They had high expectations and positive anticipation about finding someone to help them.They felt it was like  waiting for Santa Claus.


The Grinch (aka the economy) stole everything. Anticipation was replaced by anxiety and fear. Americans were just trying to keep their homes, trying to prevent the Grinch from stealing the roof over their heads. People lost jobs as companies downsized or closed their doors. Building and remodeling stopped. People who were thinking about trading up decided to hunker down and stay put. Recovery from such a devastating blow takes a long time. (more…)

Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Why?

A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Is Necessary

To Have a Healthy Environment, and a Healthy You!

New Bathroom With Powerful Exhaust FanA bathroom or laundry room exhaust fan helps you maintain clean air, an important part of an environment that helps to keep you and your family healthy. Stale, moist air, and contaminated air caused by personal-care and bathroom cleaning products is hazardous (see the blog about how to clean bathroom grout). Experts in the remodeling and building industry have been warning homeowners about the effects of mold, mildew, and trapped pollutants that contribute to the sick building syndrome.

Questions To Help You Find The Right Fan

1. How powerful does the exhaust fan have to be to achieve eight air exchanges an hour? 2. How quiet do you want the fan to be? 3. Is a straightforward fan okay, or do you want more features for a higher investment?

> Overhead lighting

> Heater

> Nightlight

> Motion sensor

> Humidity sensor

To select the right bathroom exhaust fan, you need to know how powerful it must be, and how quiet you want it to be, what features you need, and how much you can invest. The final decision in this process, if the installation of a new exhaust fan is a stand-alone project, is your choice to install the fan yourself or hire a contractor to install it.


Bathroom Tile And Grout

Bathroom Tile & Grout: A Love-Hate Relationship

Grout-Cleaners-300x300Do you have a love-hate relationship with bathroom tile and grout in your home?.  You may love the look, but hate the thought of becoming a lifelong slave to cleaning grout.  Here is a proven D-I-Y remedy for cleaning and sealing heavily-stained grout, so you can enjoy your beautiful bathroom tile for a long time.

How to Clean and Seal Bathroom Grout So You’ll Love It (Again)

Most bathroom grout is porous, easily stained by everything we do and use.  It needs to be sealed so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning it.  Non-porous epoxy grouts are available, but these products are best for new and remodeled bathrooms.  It’s a BIG job to replace existing grout.

Most stains can be removed with non-toxic home remedies like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar.  Try these first, before investing in heavy chemicals.  If these everyday cleaners don’t work on deep stains, then it’s time  to get and use products that will clean the grout, so you can seal it and be free of the drudgery.

Words of caution before you begin:

>  Read the labels and instructions, and follow them.