Luxurious Traditional Master Bathroom Ideas

Traditional Master Bathroom Remodel for LuxuryLuxurious master bathroom seen from entry

Are you planning to remodel a traditional master bathroom? To achieve the luxurious look, feel, and function you desire, I’ve got some great ideas for you, and I’ll share the story about one luxurious master bathroom.

Color Scheme for a Luxurious Master Bathroom

Select a neutral color palette that complements the colors and textures used in the adjacent bedroom. Consider how you feel as you move from one room to another; the transition, especially in a traditional home, should be smooth and non-jarring. It’s best to err on the conservative side for permanent features like plumbing, tile, countertops, and cabinets. Conservative doesn’t have to be boring! Painted walls can be any color you choose, although it’s wise to stay away from jewel tones and highly-saturated colors like burnt orange, daffodil yellow, or kelly green. Consider how easy (or difficult) it will be to coordinate the paint color with decorative tiles and accessories. Paint can be easily changed, but tiles cannot. If you have a favorite painting or framed poster that you want to display in the bathroom, select colors to help you create the scheme.

Homeowners wanted to update their timeless traditional master bathroom with clean lines. They selected a pastel color palette of sage green, beige, and a warm off-white. (more…)

Bathroom Tile And Grout

Bathroom Tile & Grout: A Love-Hate Relationship

Grout-Cleaners-300x300Do you have a love-hate relationship with bathroom tile and grout in your home?.  You may love the look, but hate the thought of becoming a lifelong slave to cleaning grout.  Here is a proven D-I-Y remedy for cleaning and sealing heavily-stained grout, so you can enjoy your beautiful bathroom tile for a long time.

How to Clean and Seal Bathroom Grout So You’ll Love It (Again)

Most bathroom grout is porous, easily stained by everything we do and use.  It needs to be sealed so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning it.  Non-porous epoxy grouts are available, but these products are best for new and remodeled bathrooms.  It’s a BIG job to replace existing grout.

Most stains can be removed with non-toxic home remedies like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar.  Try these first, before investing in heavy chemicals.  If these everyday cleaners don’t work on deep stains, then it’s time  to get and use products that will clean the grout, so you can seal it and be free of the drudgery.

Words of caution before you begin:

>  Read the labels and instructions, and follow them.