A Microwave Oven (Or Two) Is A Necessity

Microwave Oven Concerns for Homeowners

microwave and hood combinations are an unsafe and poorly-working option

Microwave-Hood units are an unsafe and poorly-working option!

Microwave oven options was the topic of several discussions during our former internet radio program, “Today’s Home.” We expressed concern about microwave-hood combinations and drawer microwaves. Both appliances are potentially dangerous. You’ve got someone on your side, to help you make informed decisions about products that can affect your safety.

According to National Kitchen and Bath Association design guidelines, the best (and safest) location for a microwave oven is achieved when the bottom of the unit is 3″ below the main user’s shoulder, or a maximum of 54″ above the floor (whichever is lower). If a microwave oven is placed below a 36″ high countertop, the bottom of the unit must be a minimum of 15″ above the floor. There should be a 15” wide by 16″ deep landing area above, below, and/or adjacent to the handle side of a microwave oven, from the front edge of the adjacent countertop. (more…)

Luxurious Traditional Master Bathroom Ideas

Traditional Master Bathroom Remodel for LuxuryLuxurious master bathroom seen from entry

Are you planning to remodel a traditional master bathroom? To achieve the luxurious look, feel, and function you desire, I’ve got some great ideas for you, and I’ll share the story about one luxurious master bathroom.

Color Scheme for a Luxurious Master Bathroom

Select a neutral color palette that complements the colors and textures used in the adjacent bedroom. Consider how you feel as you move from one room to another; the transition, especially in a traditional home, should be smooth and non-jarring. It’s best to err on the conservative side for permanent features like plumbing, tile, countertops, and cabinets. Conservative doesn’t have to be boring! Painted walls can be any color you choose, although it’s wise to stay away from jewel tones and highly-saturated colors like burnt orange, daffodil yellow, or kelly green. Consider how easy (or difficult) it will be to coordinate the paint color with decorative tiles and accessories. Paint can be easily changed, but tiles cannot. If you have a favorite painting or framed poster that you want to display in the bathroom, select colors to help you create the scheme.

Homeowners wanted to update their timeless traditional master bathroom with clean lines. They selected a pastel color palette of sage green, beige, and a warm off-white. (more…)

Exhaust Fans: The Best 6 For Under $150

Exhaust Fans: So Many Choices!

G-H-Main-Bathroom-Tub+-Exhaust-Fan Exhaust fans are often an after-thought when Homeowners are dreaming about transforming their ho-hum bathroom to have a spa-like experience, or they need to comply with the code that requires an exhaust fan in their new laundry room. It’s easy to get excited about all of the wonderful plumbing products that soothe and pamper. But bathroom ventilation is very important to sustain a healthy environment. The technology has improved to make bathroom exhaust fans more efficient and quieter (detailed technical information is contained in“Why Do You Need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?”. Still, the selection is overwhelming and comparison is challenging. There are at least 90 different bathroom fans to choose from, from eight major manufacturers. Achieving good bathroom air quality without a lot of noise is possible, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. This article whittles the list down to six great bathroom fans under $150.

Exhaust Fans: The 6 Best For Your Bathroom


Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Why?

A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Is Necessary

To Have a Healthy Environment, and a Healthy You!

New Bathroom With Powerful Exhaust FanA bathroom or laundry room exhaust fan helps you maintain clean air, an important part of an environment that helps to keep you and your family healthy. Stale, moist air, and contaminated air caused by personal-care and bathroom cleaning products is hazardous (see the blog about how to clean bathroom grout). Experts in the remodeling and building industry have been warning homeowners about the effects of mold, mildew, and trapped pollutants that contribute to the sick building syndrome.

Questions To Help You Find The Right Fan

1. How powerful does the exhaust fan have to be to achieve eight air exchanges an hour? 2. How quiet do you want the fan to be? 3. Is a straightforward fan okay, or do you want more features for a higher investment?

> Overhead lighting

> Heater

> Nightlight

> Motion sensor

> Humidity sensor

To select the right bathroom exhaust fan, you need to know how powerful it must be, and how quiet you want it to be, what features you need, and how much you can invest. The final decision in this process, if the installation of a new exhaust fan is a stand-alone project, is your choice to install the fan yourself or hire a contractor to install it.