Buying Appliances Can Be Fun

Buying appliances can be fun.

Homework? That word conjures up old anxiety for many of us. Math assignments, no one to help. All-night cramming for a chemisty test.  The homework required for buying appliances is a totally different thing. I’ve broken down selecting and buying appliances into simple steps that will reduce or eliminate the anxiety for you, assuming that you haven’t hired a kitchen designer or a contractor yet. Here’s a list of steps to help you:

  • Discuss appliances with your family and decide what appliances are needed and wanted (see information below).
  • Find some alternatives on manufacturers’ websites; a complete list of appliance manufacturers and links is on the Wikipedia site.
  • Create a “wish list” of appliances. Most sites will show the suggested retail price. This will help you establish a realistic budget.

  • Visit an appliance showroom, preferably one with kitchen vignettes where you can see appliances in action. It’s best to make an appointment, so you’ll have the undivided attention of a salesperson.
    • Take some of your existing cooking and baking ware, to verify that they’ll fit new appliances
      • Roasting pan. If you use the lid of a roasting pan for cooking turkeys, bring a pillow that will substitue for a large turkey.
      • Cookie sheets and muffin tins.
    • “New” technology may require you to buy special cookware or bakeware (NOTE: Magnetic-induction cooktops have been around for over 30 years!)
  • Armed with information about what appliances you like, and a realistic budget for the appliances, now is a good time to find a professional kitchen designer, a contractor, or a design-build firm that will help you. I have written blogs to help you find the right professional(s) for your needs, and this information is also contained in Chapters 8 and 11 of “THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling”. The black-and-white illustration, by Janis Emerson, is shown on Page 204, the short story about an almost-perfect project.

A Special Gift For You: Buying Appliances Checklist

The Appliance Checklist that appeared in “TSG:HR” has been updated to include new technology. The “New and Improved” Buying Appliances Checklist is my gift to you, because I want to help you make informed decisions and avoid expensive mistakes:

 “See the Possibilities. Create a Positive Difference.”

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