LED Strip Lighting under Cap lights backsplash and countertop

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Protect Your Bathroom Investment . . . and Your Sanity!

3 Recommendations To Protect Your Bathroom Investment (And Your Sanity) Have you heard remodeling nightmare stories shared by family, friends, and neighbors? Was your reaction a vow to never remodel your home? Time has passed, and now you're considering a major...

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Detailed Remodeling Plans — Why Bother?

 What Remodeling Plans Are, and How They Can Help You If you’re thinking about, or planning to remodel your home, this article will help you. You’ll understand how detailed remodeling plans can help you achieve the best results and reduce chances for costly mistakes....

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Exhaust Fans: The Best 6 For Under $150

Exhaust Fans: So Many Choices!  Exhaust fans are often an after-thought when Homeowners are dreaming about transforming their ho-hum bathroom to have a spa-like experience, or they need to comply with the code that requires an exhaust fan in their new laundry room....

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