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Diane’s Thoughts

Remodeling Reality Shows Can Be Misleading!

Have Remodeling Reality Shows Got You Frustrated Or Angry?   Misinformation Is Rampant! Remodeling reality shows are still popular, despite the bad press they've received.  I don't know about how you feel, but it frustrates the heck out of me, because these programs...

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D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling Success IS Possible!

D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling Success: Know What You Can Do and Cannot Do                                                            D-I-Y Kitchen Remodeling required skill and patience. D-I-Y kitchen remodeling was the last thing that Naomi wanted, but Michael was...

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Home Improvement Goal: Get (Most of) What You Want

Defining Your Home Improvement Goal Is Like Walking A Tightrope   Get most of what you want of your home improvement  goal. Not everything  you want? That's right. I'm being totally honest with you. Unless you have a bank account that equals (or surpasses) Bill Gates...

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Successful Ranch Remodeling: Six-Step Process

In ta previous, we explored reasons why this was a 1970s successful ranch remodeling project. Now, I'd like to share the six steps required for me to help the Homeowners achieve the best results. 1970s Successful Ranch Remodeling Beginning to Completion Step One: Ask...

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How To Avoid Home Remodeling Anxiety

 Avoid Home Remodeling Anxiety: 4 Easy Steps Remodeling anxiety? It's a very real phenomenon for most homeowners. There have been very few homeowners in the past 33 years who didn't feel anxious and overwhelmed about their...

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Bathroom Remodeling Problems Can Be Avoided

Bathroom Remodeling Problems Do Happen -- Unfortunately Bathroom remodeling problems make me sick when I hear about them. Most of the time, problems could have been easily avoided, if homeowners had asked lots of questions, gotten reliable (honest) information,...

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Communication Was Responsible For 1970s Ranch Remodeling Success

Communication: The Key That Unlocks The Door To Remodeling Success!   The return trip home, after leaving Mark and Anne's yearly Thanksgiving open house, presented a wonderful opportunity to think about everything that made their major 1970s ranch home remodeling...

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