LED Strip Lighting under Cap lights backsplash and countertop

Diane’s Thoughts

Remodeling Questions and Answers

Two important remodeling questions happen  during first meetings with homeowners. They're great questions! Sometimes I have to do research to answer a remodeling question specifically, but I love to do research because it provides information and builds...

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HOME, SMART HOME Today, I'm writing about smart home technology --  where it came from and where it is, according to experts who know. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY -- HISTORY Remember when home technology was in its infancy? If you're my age, you were probably in your...

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“Remodel Our Existing Home Or Move To A New Home?”

"Remodel Our Existing Home, or Move To A New Home?"  Remodel?    --OR--      New? "Do we stay and remodel our home, or move to a new home?" This question has come up many times in my career, and I've lived it personally. The answer is difficult, because it depends on...

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Kitchen Remodeling Codes

Function and Safety Are #1! While working with a young couple, a serious issue arose about code compliance. During our first meeting, I was told that the entire extended family enjoys working in the kitchen together. As a designer, I immediately consider what this...

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A Bright New Kitchen For Grandparents

Homeowners, who are grandparents, love to entertain their family and friends. They especially love to take care of their grandchildren. Although the kitchen had an upscale remodeling by previous owners, many things about the kitchen didn't fit my clients' needs. Main...

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Remodeling A 1970s Home For Special Needs

A family of six lived in a 1970s home that needed major remodeling, Here are the challenges and solutions that would transform the home totally: Challenges and Solutions #1: The youngest son has muscular dystrophy and cannot get to the large basement playroom without...

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