LED Strip Lighting under Cap lights backsplash and countertop

Diane’s Thoughts

Kitchen Remodeling Expectations: Honest, Reliable Input

Kitchen Remodeling Expectations: Honest, Reliable Input Kitchen remodeling expectations is a subject I talk about with homeowners at every first meeting with them. It's not uncommon to hear this comment, “We've called several contractors about our kitchen, but they're...

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Remodeling Questions and Answers

Two important remodeling questions happen  during first meetings with homeowners. They're great questions! Sometimes I have to do research to answer a remodeling question specifically, but I love to do research because it provides information and builds...

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HOME, SMART HOME Today, I'm writing about smart home technology --  where it came from and where it is, according to experts who know. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY -- HISTORY Remember when home technology was in its infancy? If you're my age, you were probably in your...

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