LED Strip Lighting under Cap lights backsplash and countertop

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Home Remodeling: How to Cope With Change

ix Examples: What TO DO and What NOT TO DO to Cope with Home Remodeling Why does change overcome many of us with anxiety?  Is it fear of the unknown, or fear of failure, or a combination of the two? Marilyn Ferguson describes the anxious feelings beautifully: It's...

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No “Cookie-Cutter” Home Remodeling Solutions!

Invest in Home Remodeling Wisely, To Get the Best You Can Afford Experience teaches us that if we treat everyone with the same levels of compassion and respect, we discover that they have real feelings, needs, and desires. Everyone wants the best of everything!...

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Are Detailed Plans REALLY Necessary?

Detailed Plans Are The GPS To Get You To Your Destination! Detailed plans were mentioned in a previous blog. Projects that do not include changes to plumbing location, electrical wiring, or framing changes may not need plans for permits. But if you are installing new...

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