LED Strip Lighting under Cap lights backsplash and countertop

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Why Are Designers’ Fees So Frightening? 5 F-A-Qs Answered

  We Can't Afford To Pay Designers' Fees! Bath and Kitchen Designers' fees can be frightening. "Sticker shock" is not uncommon for homeowners. So I've answered five frequently asked questions about how much a designer may charge you for their services and how...

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Tired of Frustration? 5+5 Outstanding Tips To Help You Plan For Your Home Remodeling

Frustration! Are you tired of feeling frustrated during the pandemic? Are you feeling "pandemic overwhelm?" Are you frustrated about how your home looks and works for you now? Is your home: Cluttered, hard to organize and keep clean? Is the pantry overflowing because...

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LED Lighting = $avings!

LED Lighting $aves Our Environment While $aving You Money! LED lighting technology was in its infancy eleven years ago. It wasn't available when I was working in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s until 2000. California passed laws to help energy conservation,...

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LED Lighting — The Highest Impact on Your Life

How and Why Does LED Lighting Affect Your Life? LED lighting has the highest impact on you and your life other than sunlight. I’m going to share facts that you may not know about lighting: Insufficient lighting contributes to seasonal depression (seasonal affective...

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