New Auxiliary Dwelling Unit (ADU) for Parents

ADU Project Helps City of Dundee With Regulations

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Dundee ADU Exterior Before And After

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Sisters wanted to build an attached accessory dwelling so they can care for their parents. The parents wanted a two-bedroom, two-bathroom “apartment” with a full kitchen, a living room, and a laundry room; they also requested large closets and other storage. Because the father has serious health problems, the family also wanted access between the existing and new residences.

PROBLEMS: The City of Dundee was at the brink of establishing codes for Accessory Dwelling Units, and was leaning towards limiting the size of ADU’s to 800 square feet in a totally separate structure.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Attending planning meetings armed with plans and calculations, Diane Plesset proved that a minimum of 900 square feet was needed to maintain wheelchair accessibility.   The timing was perfect to help the City of Dundee (and other municipalities) to develop regulations that will allow accessory dwelling units that are totally accessible and comply with Universal Design standards. Dundee allowed a breezeway between the residences, provided that exterior walls were framed to comply with fire-wall regulations.  Read the story about this very special project.

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