Remodeled Home for a Single Man

A Bright Jewel In Brightwood

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Brightwood Kitchen Remodel Before and After

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A retired California contractor bought a rental home at the base of Mt. Hood.  It needed major updating!

PROBLEMS: All rooms were dark and unfriendly, looking like what you’d expect in a home built for vacation rental. Fortunately, the new homeowner verified that the structure was built well. But the interior had suffered from years of hard use by renters. The dirty, smelly carpet and underlayment was replaced first; pets had soaked the floor with urine. Cabinets in the kitchen and two bathrooms were dark and flimsy. The kitchen had cheap appliances and orange-red laminate countertops!

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: The first suggestion that Diane Plesset had, to bring more light into the “bowling alley” living room was to add two sections of indirect dimmable LED lighting, with dimmable LED recessed cans located centrally. The kitchen and both bathrooms were fitted with custom birch cabinets. New quality stainless steel appliances made an immediate difference in the kitchen’s function and appearance.

The sink and dishwasher were moved so the homeowner could see his beautifully-landscaped front garden. Engineered stone countertops with tile backsplashes blended harmoniously with the tile floor that the homeowner selected. The homeowner really liked the addition of real river rocks for the backsplash between the hood and range.

He loved the idea of dimmable LED strip lighting and recessed cans, and special pendant fixtures over the peninsula that blended with the light over the table. The homeowner’s favorite color, teal blue, was used in the main bathroom. The countertop and pony wall cap is “Floating Blue” Vetrazzo composite glass.

A coordinating glass mosaic was used for the backsplash and a custom “waterfall” wall in the shower. For the guest bathroom, the homeowner selected neutral colors, with bright yellow and orange accent tiles. Throughout the design process, virtual-reality color perspectives helped the new owner see the possibilities and make decisions that were right for him. This ugly rental house was transformed into a home that’s friendly for the new owner and his guests. After you look at the transformations,  read more about this interesting project.