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6/25/19 Podcast: “Smart Home Technology”

6/18/19 Podcast: “How To Prepare For Home Remodeling”

6/11/19 Podcast: “What Are Your Remodeling Priorities?”

6/4/19 Podcast: “Remodel Our Existing Home or Move to a New Home?”

FUTURE topics for “Today’s Home” podcasts:

  • Homeowner questions:
    • Why aren’t more contractors available?
    • What colors should we use in our home?
    • Contractors tell us we need plans to get an accurate estimate. Why?
    • What should we do to get ready for a remodeling project?
    • How much will it cost to remodel our home?
    • How long does it take to remodel our (kitchen – master bathroom)?
  • Trends, hints and tips
  • Quotes, puns and jokes about remodeling

PREVIOUS  “Today’s Home” podcasts (most recent at the top):

We were fortunate to get a license from Mannheim Steamroller to use their “Wolfgang Amadeus Penguin” as the theme song; Harvey Collier, who co-hosted a talk show radio program on KPDQ-FM with Diane for several years, graciously offered to be the “Today’s Home” announcer.



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