New Retro Modern Art Deco Home Exterior


Construction started in December for the retro modern Art Deco home exterior, and the new home was ready for move-in 20 months later. Here are pictures of the exterior evolution. The Homeowners’ involvement with Mr. Wright’s Gordon House, now located in Silverton, Oregon, was the major reason for them wanting a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home. This home has many unique features:

  • The exterior walls are insulating concrete forms (ICF), which are more energy efficient and stronger than standard wood framing
  • The home has a flat roof with a four-foot stepped eave overhang
  • Hydronic radiant heating keeps the home comfortable without any drafts (unlike forced-air heating)
  • It was designed for accessibility with wide hallways, custom stairs with short risers and deep treads; there’s space dedicated for a future elevator
  • Sustainability was a major consideration with all of the materials selected.

The home, given the name “Evergreen,” (inspired by Barbara Streisand’s song) won the HBA Best of the Best Award.

Rooms included in this project: KitchenMaster BathroomMain Floor Guest BathroomSecond Floor Guest BathroomLiving Room


Site, Before

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) for exterior walls, waiting for installation

Foundation preparation

Backfill  to the newly-installed ICF exterior walls

Framing — “door bucks” — is a placeholder for future doors


Foundation concrete was poured

Exterior walls with door and window frames completed

Trench is created for house wiring

Interior framing lumber is delivered

Second-floor walls and stairway

Glulam beams are delivered

The project manager shapes ends of the glulam beams for the stepped 4-foot eave overhang

Pumping concrete into the second-floor walls

Concrete being pumped into second-floor walls

Top plate bolted to concrete and “buckets” are attached to hold the glulam beams in place

Flying Glulam Into Place

Project manager guiding the glulam beams into the support “buckets”

Glulam beams are hoisted into place

Roof overhang detail: 2x shaped outriggers installed at 16″ on center

Roof proceeds with shaped glulam beams

Septic drain field is trenched

Underside of eaves is being finished with “hardiplank”

View of home from lower driveway

Roof eaves, fascia, and gutters nearing completion

Retaining wall along alternate driveway

Siding being installed

Exterior finished! Patio poured, siding and eaves completed, lighting and rain chains are installed