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D. P. Design has created a three-tier program for you, if you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen but have a limited budget. The new program is called Home EXPRESSions. Contact Diane by email or phone (503-632-8801) for more information.
See the Book!

THE Survival Guide Book

"THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling" award-winning book to help you!

"Diane listened to our concerns about the cost of our home improvement, and wanting to live in our home during the entire time. She helped us prioritize everything, and outlined what we needed. "Read More"


"We were nervous about remodeling our kitchen, although it was in very bad shape, because we've had a lot of trouble with past projects. The design process solved all our problems, "Read More"


"Diane knows where to spend the money and where to save money. I would have been overwhelmed with all the decisions needed, "Read More"

Just a consumer? Heck, no!

You are not just a consumer.  In 30 years, working with homeowners like you, I've learned that most people fall into more than one of these categories:

» Perfectionist
» Confused
» Do-it-Yourself
» Fearful
» Affluent
» Security-driven
» Technically savvy

What are the four needs that everyone has in common? Read more:

We all want:

»The best value for our investment
» A home that reflects our uniqueness
» A remodeling project free from hassles and disappointments
» To be treated with respect

These needs are what motivate me, to help in every way possible, to "Create a Positive Difference" for everyone I meet and work with. Working to satisfy your unique lifestyle and needs is exciting. You deserve the best value for your investment. When you make informed decisions based on honest information, you'll be more satisfied with the remodeling process, and happier with the results.


Over 85,000 hours helping Homeowners achieve their building and remodeling dreams — and still loving every minute. Sincere Thank You to everyone who's made it possible, to everyone who will continue to make it possible.

30-Year Celebration of DP Design

To get honest answers to your remodeling questions, and to schedule a free appointment to talk about your remodeling needs, goals, and budget, contact me by email, or call me at 503-632-8801. I look forward to helping you!



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